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The Hauntingly Beautiful Art of
T. Rhiannon Cotter

Greetings Kindred Souls!

Welcome to my dark little corner of the Gothic Underground.

Rose of Blood enters the year 2012 with great expectations and plans
to expand the website and branch out into selling gothic goodies on Etsy, Ebay and I now have a Facebook page.
I am grateful to all of my fans, old and new, for their couragement and support.

Please be sure to check out the other websites in the Dark Links.
These are people, places and products that I personally believe in. You'll
find many dark delights there to entertain, amuse and tempt you..

I hope you will enjoy exploring the dark horizons of my mind and spirit
and that you'll be tempted by my offerings herein.

What's New!

What Is The Secret

Gothic Auctions and Goth Auctions are also places I will be selling
my art and other gothalicious creations. Be sure to check the
Auctions section of this website often for updates and deals!

I am a proud participant in The Angels For Hope Organization,
a group that sends out free of charge crocheted angels,
butterflies and smiley faces all over the world to anyone
severely injured, chronically ill or to someone who simply needs
a little hope. All are sent with a small note to the receiver carrying
a special verse, and, if you want them to know, who it was requested by.
If you would like to help crochet or donate materials, visit them here:

Be sure to visit my Rose of Blood Cafe Press Store. And you can start
your own store
for free! Be creative and make some money! Click the link!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

Fight the Fear: We believe that it is fear that fuels the fires of misunderstanding and intolerance. In order to ease the fear people have of others beliefs, we have adapted this ribbon campaign as our way of promoting respect and tolerance of all belief and non-belief systems. We all are on different paths with the same goal. None is more sacred than another. Everyone has their own personal connection to their spirituality, but regardless of what or who we call Goddess or God everyone should be able to worship in their own way without persecution.

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Dark Links

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All images in this site are copyright 1994-2012 T. Rhiannon Cotter,
and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express consent of the artist:

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